Technical parameter:

Ø  工字轮类型Spool Type:              放线Pay-off: WS9/WS18

收线Take Up: Final product: BS40/BS60/BS80

半成品Half product: CS120/CS280

Ø  摇篮类型Cradle Type:                SGW6,SGW9 or SGW15

Ø  飞轮转速Flyer Speed:                Max: 4500rpm, Working Speed: 4000rpm

Ø  走线形式Wire Direction:              Wire is guided by arc steel ribbon

Ø  过捻器False Twister:                  0-4000rpm with double pulleys and adjustable

Ø  收线扭转控制形式Torsion Control:      Automatic torsion control ATC

Ø  电机功率Motor Power:        Main motor: 11KW, Take up Motor: 1.5KW

Ø  帘线规格Cord Constructions:  3+6,3+8,3+9,1+6+12,3+9+15etc.