Pre-treatment Line of Dry Drawing


Technical parameter技术参数:

Ø   Material             Carbon content:0.05-1.0%

Ø   材料:                 含碳量 0.05-1.0%

Ø  Pay-off type           do not need to stop when replacing, C hook type with snarl                                   system

Ø  放线形式:           不停机更换放线,C型钩带乱丝停车装置     

Ø  Wire Diameter:        ø4-ø10mm

Ø  钢丝直径:            ø4-ø10mm

Ø  Wire Number:         1/2/multiple

Ø  钢丝数量:            1/2/多根

Ø  Line Speed:           120m/min

Ø  运行速度:            120m/min

Ø  Descaling method    Mechanical/Brusher

Ø  除鳞方式:           机械除鳞/钢刷除鳞

Ø  Acid Pickling:          H2SO4+Electrical/HCl+Steam

    酸洗方式:          电解硫酸洗/盐酸洗


Mainly used for steel wire surface pre-treatment, such as removing rust, removing oxide skin, electrolyzed phosphating,borax and so on, to provide smooth and available steel wire for the follow-up process.



Ø  No damage to the surface of the wire

Ø  不损伤钢丝表面;

Ø  Low operating cost

Ø  低廉的运行成本;

Ø  Brightens the surface of the wire

Ø  提亮钢丝表面光泽;

Process Step工艺流程:


NOTES: The above process step is only for reference. We can design and manufacture the most suitable production line according to customers' requirements.