Hot Dip Galvanizing Process Line


Technical parameters 技术参数:

Ø  Material:               Low carbon/Medium carbon/High carbon

Ø  材料:                 低碳/中碳/高碳

Ø  Wire diameter:          φ1.0-4.0mm

Ø  钢丝直径:            φ1.0-4.0mm

Ø  Wire number:           8-40 wires

Ø  钢丝根数:            8-40

Ø  Zinc thickness:          50-300g/

Ø  镀锌厚度:            50-300g/

Ø  DV:                   40-120mm.m/min

Ø  运行速度:            40-120mm.m/min

Ø  Energy of furnace:       Natural gas/Electricity

Ø  加热炉燃料:          天然气/

Ø  Production capacity:      as customer’s requirement

Ø  产能:                 根据客户要求

Ø  Working hours:           24 hours continuously

Ø  作业时间:             24小时连续作业


Mainly used for producing galvanized steel wire with thick zinc coating layer50~300g/㎡).




Ø  Advanced technology, international standards, stable operation, excellent quality, high efficiency, economic and environmental;

Ø  先进技术,国际化标准,操作稳定,品质优良,并且高效,经济,环保;

Ø  Professional designer and manufacturer with more than ten years successful experience in steel wire production line process;

Ø  拥有十多年成功经验的钢丝制品行业工程师和制造团队;

Ø  Strictly follow the clients’ needs. Easy to improve and expand the production capacity;

Ø  严格遵循客户要求,易于更新和扩大生产;

Ø  Competitive price. Reduce the investment costs and create more business value for clients.



NOTES: The above picture is only for reference. We can design and manufacture the most suitable production line according to customers' requirements.