Heat Treatment Line


Technical parameters技术参数:

Ø   Material            Carbon content:0.4-1.0%

Ø   材料:                 含碳量 0.4-1.0%

Ø  Wire Diameter:        ø0.6-ø2.8mm

Ø  钢丝直径:            ø0.6-ø2.8mm

Ø  Wire Number:         8-40 (according to customer’s requirement)

Ø  钢丝数量:            8-40  (according to customer’s requirement)

Ø  Line Speed:           10-75m/min

Ø  运行速度:            10-75m/min

Ø  Energy of furnace:      Natural gas/electricity

Ø  加热炉燃料:         天然气/

Ø  Working hours:         24 hours continuously

Ø  作业时间:           24小时连续作业


Ø  Patenting and surface preparing for steel wire in order to make sure the next drawing process successfully;

Ø  对钢丝表面进行热处理,保证拉拔过程顺利进行;

Ø  Make hot- finished steel wire rod to have appropriate sorbite to ensure the drawing can be carried out normally;

Ø  使热化后的钢丝有适当的索氏体,确保拉拔顺利进行;

Ø  Make steel wire to have a special organization.

Ø  使钢丝形成特殊组织;

Ø  Make steel wire after drawing to have good performance.

Ø  使拉拔后的钢丝有良好性能

Process Step工艺流程:


NOTES: The above process step is only for reference. We can design and manufacture the most suitable production line according to customers' requirements.