Electrolyzed Phosphating Production Line


Ø   Material                    Low Carbon/High Carbon 

Ø   材料:                        低碳/高碳   

Ø  Wire Diameter:                  ø0.8-10.0mm

Ø  钢丝直径:                      ø0.8-10.0mm

Ø  Number of steel wire:              1-56 wires

Ø  钢丝根数:                      1-56

Ø  DV value:                        50~120mm•m/min

Ø DV :                          50~120mm•m/min

Ø  Crystals of phosphating film       1~2 μm

Ø  磷化膜晶粒:                    1~2 μm

Ø  Weight of phosphating film:          5-10g/m2       

Ø  磷化膜重量:                     5-10g/m2

Ø  Length of electrolyzed phosphating bath: 5m

Ø  电解磷化槽长度:                  5m

Equipment Characteristics设备特性:

As a surface pretreatment process, electrolyzed phosphating has a wide and unique application in the wire industry.


1) 膜晶粒细小且致密;

Small and dense crystals of phosphating film

2)  膜重可按电流设定大小轻松控制;

The film weight can be controlled easily according to the current setting;

3)  生产时无磷化渣,加上冲洗水回用,基本可实现零排放。

No phosphating slag during production; achieve zero discharge by reusing rinsing water.