Steel Wire Mechanical Descaling Machine


Technical parameter:

Ø  Wire Diameter    ø5.5-ø8.0

Ø  钢丝直径:        ø5.5-ø8.0

Ø  Line Speed:         2-3m/sec

Ø  速度:            2-3m/sec

Ø  Wire Height:        850-1150mm

Ø  走丝高度:        850-1150mm

Ø  Dimension:         1880*1150*2000

Ø  设备尺寸:        1880*1150*2000


Ø  Environmentally Friendly – No chemicals

Ø  环保无化学物质;

Ø  In-Line with Drawing Machinery - Installed in front of machinery to clean wire as needed

Ø  安装在预处理生产线前端;

Ø  Reduced Die Wear - Smooth wire reduces friction on die

Ø  减少模具磨损;

Ø  Improved Lubrication of Wire - Lubricant adheres well to descaled and brushed wire

Ø  改善润滑;

Ø  Small Foot Print - Unit occupies little space

Ø  占地面积小;

Ø  Improved Wire finish - All scale and surface rust removed to allow for bright wire finish.

Ø  改善钢丝成品质量-使钢丝获得光亮的表面。